What is At-your-service

At-your-service is the company of contractor Rob de Weerd.

Rob works in ICT since 1981.

Knowledge of technique as well as processes and unstructured data such as documents, e-mails and the likes are common subjects.

Rob’s properties include:

  1. strong communicator
  2. decision-taker
  3. motivator
  4. teamplayer
  5. lateral thinker

Why At-your-service

At-your-service, founded in 2008, offers solutions to ICT issues.

The customer demands, At-your-service supplies.

Rob is active throughout all of the Netherlands. He helps companies to solve issues in the information technology area.


  1. Work more efficiently
  2. Offering management the right insights
  3. But also: how do I make sure that my newsletter is sent out every month
  4. I want a webshop
  5. I want a website

Rob’s expertises are:

  • Inventory the wishes and demands of end users (information analysis)
  • Choose the right supplier with the right solution
  • Directing implementations
  • Setting up a sales organisation
  • Sales activities for suppliers that deliver proven solutions and match At-your-service’s vision

ECM, content analyses, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Baan, Sharepoint, Business Intelligence, Portals, Biztalk, SQL, CRM and Open Office, Outputmanagement, Enterprise Integration Application.